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Elizabeth Fountain, AuthorWelcome! I’m Elizabeth Fountain, an author living in a small town in central Washington state. I write science fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories that capture the delight and unintentional humor of everyday life, told through the eyes of aliens and angels, Death and dogs.

my blog

My blog lives here, with my thoughts about writing, creativity, music, travel, life and baseball. You’ll also find guest blog posts from other authors, artists, and creative thinkers.

I call my blog “Point No Point” because it is a real place in my home state, and it is also an inspiration, a meditation, and a state of mind. My philosophy of writing (and life) is summed up in this quote from British singer/songwriter Chris Rea:

“every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways”

my books

Cover art for "An Alien's Guide to World Domination": Green alien with goofy grin waving at flying saucer.
“When Earth’s future is in the hands of the last person on the planet who thinks humanity is worth saving, it’s a good thing her dog knows what to do.” 
You, Jane ebook cover
“Once upon a time could ruin Jane’s life, or it could lead her to a happy ending she never expected.”

From the publisher, BURST/Champagne Book Group

From Amazon for Kindle or print

From Barnes and Noble for Nook or print

More information on my short stories, and reviews, here.

other good stuff

Find interviews and author appearances here, and read my bio here. Enjoy your visit!

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